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A Standing Miracle

"A Standing Miracle is a wonderful book for young people, middle school age and

older, to gain a better knowledge and understanding of the twenty years of struggles, sacrifices, and war during that troubling but hopeful period of America's history,

and to learn how the American Revolution led to the Declaration of Independence

and the establishment of the United States of America. The book would make

a great complement to a homeschool study of the Revolutionary War."

Jefferson's Masterpiece

"This book would be a wonderful resource to help middle school and

even older students learn more of the details about this very significant part

of our country's founding in a format that will appeal to them. I highly

recommend Jefferson's Masterpiece."


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"A Standing Miracle is a well-written, chronological overview of that

very special time in American history. It will appeal to our young people

more than a lot of other books about the American Revolution."

Emma V., Teacher

"A Standing Miracle is a great book."

Marilyn B., Parent

 "I bought A Standing Miracle and I am very impressed

with the conciseness of the information."

Ron C.